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Book 1 "Welcome Home Zigfeeld!"

In which Zigfeeld the Friendly Zombie decides he would like a pet. He learns all he can so he can be a good pet parent!

PREORDER BOOK 4: "How Does Your Garden Grow?" will be released on June 10th. Preorders will be shipped out around that date.

In which Zigfeeld the Zombie decides he would like a to grow a garden this year and knows that there is a lot of planning and work, but at the end, such amazing rewards!

​​​Book 4 "How Does Your Garden Grow?"

The Books

In which Zigfeeld the Zombie learns about something he has never had... A Family. He discovers that there are many different ways a family is made but they all have some very important things in common.

Book 2 "Zigfeeld Chooses a Pet"

​​​Book 3 "What is a Family?"

In which Zigfeeld the Lonely Zombie finds Friends and a forever home in Silverville, the little town where all of the misfit monsters of the world live.




Welcome to Silverville!
Home of Aunti Kiki & The Happy Undead Friends