Aunti Kiki painted a painting

for a friend she just met.

Hi there. I am Aunti Kiki, and that is how it all started. I wanted to do a painting for my dear friends new baby's nursery and, knowing the dad's and my shared love of all things horror, I knew I couldn't do anything normal for this one. I also knew that it had to be non traumatic so mom would let it be hung. I ended up doing a painting of happy, friendly looking monsters in vivid acrylics. That painting was for my little friend who has now grown up 8 years! Though the style evolved into the look of the books, that is basically how it started. People would ask what the characters where for and at some point, I decided to write what is now The Happy Undead Friends very first book.

For the inspiration for the main character and storyline, we have to go a bit further back in time. Once, when I was very young, I was playing in the waters of the pacific ocean. Carefree. A little boy came up to me and said "Did you know your brother is a MONSTER?!" You see, my little brother Gareth was born with Down's Sydrome (he was also a brittle diabetic and autistic) so he looked a little different, and moved a little funny and communicated in his own ways and for a lot of kids, it was confusing and maybe even a little scary. 

I decided the main character, Zigfeeld the Zombie, is based on my little brother and dedicated to his memory. We could all use a friend sometimes. We can be a friend sometimes. That's what the books are all about. #happykiki

The Happy Undead Friends Book Series:

  • 1: Welcome Home, Zigfeeld!
  • 2: Zigfeeld Chooses a Pet
  • 3: What is a Family?
  • 4: How Does Your Garden Grow? @>--- Coming June 10, 2017
  • 5:
  • 6:

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